S.T.E.A.M. Challenges

Challenge Cards


Children pick a challenge card, read it and then complete the challenge. It can become a two player game to see who completes the challenge first or children may work together to complete the challenge.

I Spy Bottle


I spy bottles are great for developing literacy skills, visual processing skills, and patience. Children in the pre-writing stage will practice printing legibly, form letters accurately, and use the alphabetic code to write unknown words phonetically.

Measuring Weights


This activity is an invitation to explore math concepts such as volume, size, and measuring weight using a scale, different objects, and LEGO® bricks. 

Wind Powered LEGO®️ Cars


Children use Lego® Bricks to build cars of different shapes and sizes and race them using air from their lungs or from a fan. 

Line Art


Lego® bricks are used to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination in this cool activity.

LEGO®️ Ice Excavation Project


Explore with ice, salt, and water in an attempt to excavate your LEGO®️ mini figure from a fossil. What will make the ice melt faster?